Food on the Road

We both love to eat and apreciate good food. Our limited budget and vegetarian habits oblige us to cook ourselves more often than not. Thus it comes as no surprise that we carry an (almost) fully equipped mini kitchen with us. People are always amazed how much stuff comes out of our bags.

In every country you come upon a different selection of ingredients. You discover new, usually tasty vegetables, fruits, spices and staple food; while searching in vain for your usual everyday stuff. You discover new ingredients and miss your nonavailable regulars. To make things even more complicated, on a motorbike, you lack possibilities to¬†carry large amounts of supplies and you can just forget about keep anything cool. All in all, it’s a great oppportunity to train those slumbering improvisation skills and apply some phantasy to your everyday meals. While it’s not high-end cuisine with 20 different ingredients needing 5 pots to be prepared, it’s nevertheless very tasty, especially before or after a long, tiring day of riding.

At some point along our trip, I started to collect the recipes for dishes we came up with or which we copied from fellow travelers. While they are listed under the country in which we cooked them for the first time, they are not necessarily tipical for the country, but often include ingredients that we found or discovered there.



Recipes from Chile



Recipes from Argentina



Recipes from Bolivia