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The combination of a lightweight vehicle and a powerful engine – that’s what I was looking for some years ago. The easiest and cheapest way to get a high horsepower to weight ratio is achieved by motorbikes – mainly because they only use two wheels. So I bought my first motorcycle in 2013 🙂

The moment was perfectly choosen as I found out in the motorcycle driving school lessons. There I met Nora the first time – how lucky am I! So driving motorbike got to a whole new level:

Together – a good thing gets even better.




Motorcycles have basically been a part of my life from the very beginning. When I was a kid, my parents had to give me a lift to the next school bus stop every day in rural Greece and on bumpy gravel roads a motorcycle is more comfortable and faster than a car.
20160220_224312-1For many years motorcycles where a means to an end, to get from A to B, nothing I would do in my spare time, even though my dad worked hard to change that (I inherited my first small (Yamaha DT 125) and my first big bike (Africa Twin) from him).
That changed when I moved from Zurich to Basel and had just broken up with my boyfriend. No more friends close by to hang out and the office 40km away – the perfect setting to start a new hobby, which could take me places and give some alone time. And just after a few months I met the perfect riding buddy, who quickly became more than just another friend.
Since then, the vague childhood dream of travelling along the ‘Panamericana’ became more and more real and now we’re actually doing it…on our bikes!