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1. January 2018 | Volcán Acatenango GUA
Normally we're not big fans of celebrating New Year's Eve. But this year we had the chance for a truly special way of welcoming 2018: we did a night hike to the top of Acatenango to see the first sunrise of the new year (and night time erruptions of the neighbouring and aptly named volcano Fuego). It was tough, but SOO worth it!
Just wait for the photos.

3. November 2017 | Panama City PAN
Touch down in Central America!
After some delay because the Stahlratte had to visit the dry docks in Cartagena, we've now arrived in Panama. Unfortunately we will only have a few days here, as Pablo's brother is already waiting for us in Costa Rica. He found a bike for himself and will be joining us for a few weeks. Yay!

22. September 2017 | Bogotá COL
One year on the road!
And what a year it has been. We've seen incredible landscapes, met lovely people and learned to take care of ourselves and the bikes. We've become much better riders (especially on dirt), but also much worse (speed limits are suggestions only, no?). Here's to another adventurous year ahead!

24. August 2017 | Ibarra ECU
Today we crossed the equator!
After almost one year on the road, we're excited to move on to the Northern hemisphere. From here our route will lead us to Colombia, where we plan to spend around 2 months.
In Cartagena, on the 24th of October, we will board the sailing boat Stahlratte, which will help us bypass the Darien gap and deliver us to Panama.
Exciting times lie ahead!

13. June 2017 | Rio Branco BRA
After 3 months our time in Brazil comes to an end.
We did not inquire about the possibility of extending the visa again and instead took a boat up the Amazon to Manaus and then tackled one of Brazil's most difficult roads, the BR 319, just after the rainy season. Pushing and pulling the bikes through knee-deep mud was challenging, exhausting but in masochistic way very rewarding too.
Now we turn West towards Peru and, again, the Andes.

We know we're way behind with our blog updates. Sorry! But to be honest, we rather spent our days at one of the amazing Brazilian beaches, instead of in front of the computer. But we are also toying with so many new ideas of how to improve our website that we hardly find the time to write the regular blog entries. The newest addition is our Troubleshooting and Maintenance section, where we list all sorts of bike problems we had to deal with so far. It's already alarmingly long! 😟

19. April 2017
Litttle Boy's stator got a new core and was rewound and after three weeks of waiting we're finally good to go. Unfortunately one month of our sadly non-extendable 3-month visa is already used up and we will have to cover some serious kilometers in the next few days to make up for the delay.

17. April 2017
Route Change: Visa formalities in Brazil have changed multiple times in the past years and it seems no one really has a clue about the latest regulations. As we do not want to get stuck in the Guyanas for 3 months because Brazil refuses us re-entry, we paid the Policia Federal in São Paulo a visit to inquire about visa extension. They told us that Pablo can extend his visa in June, but Nora would first have to leave the country for 15 days before getting a new visa for another 3 months. The lady could not explain to us, why we would be treated differently even though we both have a Swiss passport and both our last visits to Brazil date back to 2013. We will inquire again at a different police station further North, but are getting used to the idea of skipping the Guyanas alltogether and take the boat directly to Manaus to exit the country before our 3-month visa runs out.

01. April 2017
It looks like LBB has a stator problem and we will be stuck here in Pariquera-Açu, São Paulo for quite some time. Fortunately the sea is not far. 😎

21. January 2017
Route Change: To catch the 8th stage of the Dakar Rally, we had to rush to the northermost parts of Argentina and had to skip the planned detour through Buenos Aires. Due to altitude sickness on Nora’s part we quickly fled the Argentinian Puna to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and from there you usually take the (in)famous Laguna Route to enter Bolivia, which is what we did of course. The new plan is to visit the Southern parts of Bolivia before turning Southeast to reach the coast of Brazil, which we will follow North hopefully up to the Guyanas before turning back to Manaus and to exit the Amazon basin through the BR319 or in case of heavy rain, take the boat to Porto Velho and then enter Northern Bolivia.

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